Sunday, July 31, 2011


I'm proud of my kids.

Yesterday the girls went to a friend, because she'd heard that her neighbour was going to die of cancer within a year.
When the girls were there the neighbour came too and had a chat with them. Later the girls took her dog for a walk so she could rest.
When they came home we had a long talk about their friend's neighbour and dying.
They're such caring kids.

Today they wanted to make pancakes.
It was great how they went about in the kitchen and managed to make us all a nice meal.
And when I finally dared to pay the kitchen a visit I didn't find the mess the male part of our family makes when baking. The plates neatly piled up, and even the pan rinsed out.

I was glad we brought a nice dessert for them all, so we really had a vacation dinner.


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