Saturday, July 16, 2011

On the dikes

Today my autistic son wanted to go to the dolfine show, but the weatherforecast was not positive at all. So it was decided they wouldn't go.

When we sat down this morning to see if the day could be special anyway, our son came down distressed. His midirack had broken down.
Well, after so many years intensive use it wasn't a surprise.

After quite some discussion he finally found one on internet.
Then the discussion started about who had to pay and when that was settled it was decided to go and have a look at a shop not too far away from home.

I went with them, not expecting to be from home more than half an hour.
But when we left the shop they wanted to enjoy the unexpected nice weather with a drive-around.

How? I don't know. But we landed on a dike.
We couldn't go back, only forward.
I hate driving on dikes. the people who live near the dike drive like nuts, and I sit in a car with someone who is a bit insecure driving there and who goes those extra centimeters to the right when someone passes, and it scares me to hell.

So I sat there smiling in the back of the car. Smiling, so my son wouldn't get afraid, because he might cause a stir and want to step out. Smiling, but with painful shoulders from keeping them up too high.

Then both males wanted french fries and we escaped from the dike road and went into a small village. No french fries, ofcourse.
The only way to go home was over the dike. We found the way up and it was so steep the car almost didn't make it. Me oh my!

I was so very glad when we finally could leave the dike and find our way home on normal roads.
Never...never again! .....I hope.


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