Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No pillbox

Last week my two oldest and I were supposed to go to germany, but the car broke down. Today we tried it again and made it.

I wanted to see if they still had a certain bag I love. Last time I didn't have the money with me, this time I had.
But the bag was gone.

We saw a lot of stuff and bought nothing but something to drink and something to eat.
One of the boys told me they had some wonderful cheesebread at a certain shop, so I got one. It was not special at all.... Well, it was food.

Then we went to a large grocery store and got our shopping lists in our hands.
These enormous grocery stores have so much choice that we need to write down what precisely we like when we try something.

I was lucky to be able to find everything, except for a pillbox for my autistic son.
The machine where we should put our empty bottles didn't work.
When we arrived at the counter the woman took them out of our trolley and she gave the money back to me instead of my son. LOL!

On our way back we almost hit a car, because it suddenly stopped on the highway.
We were lucky my son reacted as quickly as he did and that the driver behind us was not sleeping either.
We still don't understand why the car stopped.

When we were almost home it was clear the weather was changing from warm and humid to rain.

We're not afraid of rain, as the garden really needs it.
But we are not happy with the lightning these past years.
Well, we made it home in time.
A few hours later reports came in about very bad rains...


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