Friday, July 15, 2011

Mom's rings

As a mom of teenage daughters I'm educated at least each week about jewelry fashion.
I don't mind.
I always wear earplugs, rings and most of the time my mala when I leave the house.

One of my daughters creates bracelets for her friends, and recently we took upon us a joint activity when I found the most wonderful pendants with a tree.
In the past I used to enjoy making necklaces with and without pendants, so it's nothing strange to me.

Finding beautiful beads is a challenge, but with a friend travelling through china we will get some nice ones, I'm sure of that.

Jewelry is a hot item on internet.
So many beaders offer their products on blogs and sites. So we won't add ours to internet.

This year a new blog started about jewelry fashion trends for moms.
Short blogposts descibe the different kinds of jewelry, including men's rings.
I'm sure the blog is a nice guide for people who have never done anything with jewelry.


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