Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mentall illness is becoming a luxury

Yes, you're reading it well. Mental illness is becoming a luxury in The Netherlands.

The government is cutting costs on almost everything and everyone and they won't exclude the most vulnerable people in society.

Those who need a psychologist or psychiatrist on an ambulant basis need to pay 100 euro a year, before they'll get some kind of restitution of part of their therapy. Earlier the amount of therapeutic sessions was diminished. I think now only 8 sessons will be partly substituted. I'm not completely sure I'm right. It might be less sessions.

Those who need institutionalised care will have to pay 275 euro before any form of partial restitution will take place.
Just a few minutes ago someone told me this was lowered after debate in parliament to 200 euro.
Well, even if this is true the minister makes a difference between people with a mental illeness and those with a physical illness.

It means for our family that we have to face extra costs next year as my autistic son sees a psychiatrist 4 times a year for about 10 minutes.
I hope this minister will make a difference between therapy and medication control.


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