Thursday, July 14, 2011

Medication in puberty

Puberty is the time young people want to make their own decisions and question what is going on in their lives.
As a parent I find this one of the most interesting times of the kids and I enjoy the girls getting more independent.

One of the boys is in the final stages of puberty and for him it's not as easy as it is for the girls. As a classic autist he faces the fact that his development is more of a fight than a natural fact.
He has problems accepting himself and right now he's not happy his behaviour is influenced by medication.
It's a common issue for kids who have chronic disease, whether they have diabetes, asthma or something else.

Today was one of those days he didn't want to take his meds.
Usually I take a step back and observe him, trying to keep him as calm as possible until he's susceptible for reason and falls for my nice talk and takes his pills.

Today he was already agitated because he couldn't oversee his day.
He was going with his father and brothers and sisters to Harry Potter at a cinema he doesn't know well.
Afterwards he would come home with his dad and his sisters would stay for a few days with his oldest brother. He doesn't like that as he likes them to be around.

He acted like a grumpy old granddad all morning, refused to shower, said he wouldn't go and all sorts of other of the same.
We just went about doing our things, ignoring him as much as possible.
When I was sure he could overhear me I said to his dad that I pitied the fact that he didn't dare to go to that cinema, but that we couldn't retract that ticket and that I had no money to make him go elsewhere later this month.

His psychiatrist had told him to take his meds before 13.00 hours. It was 1 minute past when he sat down and told me he regretted his behaviour but that he was too late for his meds.
Well, with all the clocks a few minutes ahead he had no other choice than to take his pill. Haha!

The rest of the day he behaved well and was rather nice.


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