Monday, July 25, 2011

The massacre of Norway

The massacre of Norway has shocked us all here.
The guy was on a one man's mission to kill as many people as possible. First in an explosion in Oslo, and not very much later on a holiday island for young people between 12 and 18.

He killed more than 90 people and still had plenty of ammunition when the police finally arrested him.

Lots of people with small boats cae to the rescue of the young people on the island as they saw them seeking rescue in the water. According to someone nearby the water was icecold.

The guy had clearly been planning this all, as on internet texts were found made over the past 9 years.

In them he mentioned The Netherlands and he'd clearly not been able to give what Wilders has said it's proper place. He took it further and wrote he expected the first civilian war in Europe to start in our country.
He guess he needed the feeling we're all like him.

We're not.

But some are so sick to make fun out of the grief of others!
The site on which people could say they wanted to take part in a silent march to remember the victims was hacked and texts were put on it suggesting these people agreed with the shooter. Facebook has deleted the account.

Some others used links to a good site to ask people for their telephone number, using it to make it like they agreed to buy a very expensive sms account.

How sick can one be?


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