Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last day of the marches

Today was the last day of the marches and festivities.

Many weatherwarnings were issued before the marches, suggesting non-stop rain.
Well there was rain, but not as much as predicted.
Not much sun, but that was only a good thing as walking in the full sun is very tiring when you have to walk 40 or 50 kms.

The effect of it all was that never before so many people got to the finish after 4 days of walking. Great!

We haven't seen much of the festivities.
The program wasn't very appealing to us, and the part that was, well, it was late in the evening and after a busy day none felt like going.

We've had a nice week nevertheless, with a few visitors and ofcourse a friend came to request us to watch her house, feed her plants and do whatever is needed.

Wish we could go on vacation....


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