Sunday, July 24, 2011


Again a busy day.

The girls went to a birthdayparty of a friend, and we took our autistic son to fit some shoes.
He dislikes shopping, so I was surprised he went with us. (The three planned trips before this one were never realised).
We were happy to find him a nice pair of shoes. In the last day of the sales, so they were very cheap. I bet the shop was happy to get rid of those huge shoes. LOL!

After dinner one of the girls dropped a role of kitchenpaper behind the small freezer. Meaning I had to put the large fridge aside to get to the role. I was not very happy with that, as the past days my joints hurt a lot again. It's clean behind the freezer and fridge again, and half of my evening was gone.

When finally almost everyone was to bed I sat down and zapped across a movie that just started.
As I always like movies about Mongolia, shamanism and such, I had a look and was taken by the intensity of the movie.
It's called Khadak, and can be found online at the dot com extension.

It was about the forced relocation of a nomadic group to a new mining city.
One of the nomans is a boy who is epileptic and has shaman potentials. First he refuses to accept this, but then he is able to save a life of a girl his age.

The movie capture the mongolian culture in a mezmerising way and makes clear that even when you take away everything people have, you can't take out the longing of their soul.
The movie is full of symbolism and I feel I have to see it at least two or three times again before I'm able to see most of it.

The Khada, the blue blessing scarf is a powerful symbol. I won't go into this because i would spoil the stpry of the movie for those who havent seen it.

And you should see it.
When it's quiet around you and you can allow your soul to be caught.


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