Monday, July 4, 2011

Just a sunday

I must have done something wrong last night, because I had such a pain when I woke up.
Usually my left hip is giving me pain, but it was mysteriously gone... well, it was nothing anymore in comparison...

As I had no plans to go anywhere it wasn't a real problem.
Some chores were postponed, and some where taken over by the kids.

By the time one of the older boys came home for a partial haircut I was feeling better already.

Today was one of those days for preparations for the rest of the week.

Tomorrow we'll have a graduation and I'm looking forward to it.

I don't want kids to feel embarrassed about their mom, so I asked the boy in question how he wanted me dressed: posh or something else.
He went for a calm mom, dressed neat, but not too special.
I can deal with that.

He clipped his uniform tie to a t-shirt and said he would go like that. LOL!
He's as nuts to go like that, so no one said a word. Haha!

I have to go now. Can't sit as long as I would like.


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