Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the blue box

I cleaned the room of the boys and put all the computer equipment in a drawer.
Then I did all the other things a room needs, like tidying the wardrobes, putting new sheets on the beds and such.

It took quite a while, but I was really proud of myself.
Days like these, that the boys and girls are away, are very rare.

The girls are staying with their oldest brother, and the boys were back far too soon.
When I told them they would be surprised by how clean and tidy their room looks now, they looked at each other the way only kids can do. So I told them where I'd put their things, with emphasis on the fact that all computerequipment was in the drawer.

Within a few minutes my autistic boy was downstairs again. he asked where I'd put the
xbox 360 controller.
"In the drawer".
"It's not there."
"Oh yes it is, the only things I took with me out of the room were dirty clothes and things that don't fit anymore.
"It's not there."

I stayed calm and asked him to have a look again.

I heard a lot of sounds I didn't like and went upstairs, finding all the computerstuff on the bed.
"It's not there."
Again I told him that I'd put all the computerstuff in the drawer and I started to look between the cables and other things for a black box, assuming a controller looks like that.

"What are you looking for?", he asked.
"The controller."
"What kind of thing are you looking for?"
"A black box. Or is it white?"

He sat down and almost got the hiccups of laughing.
With effort he managed to tell me it's not a box, but a kinf of carsteer.

Clever guy.
The steer ended up with the toys and was resting in a blue box under the bed.
Problem solved.


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