Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Not in Love

1. Have you ever been in love but tried to deny it?


2. Someone throws a party in your honor. The only guests are your past lovers. You're current spouse or significant other is cool with this. They ask you to speak and say something good about those assembled. Would there be someone there you could not say something good about?

No. I can say all sorts of good things about my past lovers and there's none who should be walked on.

3. How long can you go without your cell phone? Do you own a so-called “smart phone”?

I don't like telephones, cellphones or whatever that gives people the idea they can invade my life whenever they want to.
When all the boys were still at home I got nuts from all sorts people who needed me during office times for forms and other nonsense. Their intentions were good, I don't doubt that, but they forgot I was not at an office sitting back on a chair and being bored.

When I nearly fell of the stairs with a large load of laundry (well, I fell but didn't hurt myself badly), because the phone suddenly started to ring I decided it was time to make a choice for my family. So I started emailing, put the phone away, unless people made an appointment to call me.

I still don't like the phone. Even my best friend never calls me because of that.

4. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

Well, after the shooting in Norway I want to say that I still believe in a second chance for most people, but some should be in the right environment and deserve a restricted chance.

5. Would you rather spend a whole day with your mom or your dad? (If either or both have passed, answer as if they're alive.)

With my father. he was a very nice guy. We shared a lot of interests, like in music, family history, nature. I would love to have the chance to sing a duet with him.

6. Tell us one thing about your first boyfriend or girlfriend.

The one when I was five, who brought me daisies and then ran to his mom, or the real first one? My first boyfriend was very tall, had huge hands and really cared for me.
It was good to experience at the school reunion after 25 years that he still cared and was still the same person. But life didn't bring us together.

7. Has an ex ever written something about you on facebook or their blog that was nasty about you?

No. Why should he/they?
We didn't stay together because life was far too turbulent and took us apart. That's life. I still value all my old friends.

8. What was the last thing you borrowed and never returned? can't think of anything.

9. Who is someone famous that you've met?

Quite a lot of people from the balletworld.
One of the weirdest experiences was a famous choreographer asking my opinion.
One of the nicest was one of my former ballet teachers getting flowers from my son when he was 9. She looked aside and saw me and got the biggest smiles I've ever seen and she hugged my son like he was hers. Pity she didn't teach anymore as it was her farewell day.

Have a nice weekend!

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