Thursday, July 14, 2011

Her new fireplace

One of my dreams is to have an electric fireplace.
It'll stay a dream for the future, because there's no space at the moment to install one.

A friend called me today to invite me for a cup of coffee.
She wanted to show me something, she said.

When I arrived she welcomed me with open arms and within a few minutes we were complaining about the weather. It's like autumn at the moment. The amounf of rain that came down last night and today is amazing.

When I entered the livingroom it was nice and warm. The wood in the fireplace was burning and the flames were mesmerising.

She asked me if I noticed something had changed, so I started to look around. Ofcourse I didn't see any changes at all.
Then she told me they decided to exchange the real wood for fireplace inserts.
I'm so impressed by what she told me.

The whole process of installing had been a piece of cake.
Just cleaning out the whole fireplace and installing the new parts was done within half an hour.
Now they don't need to buy wood anymore, there's no dirt created anymore and there's no danger of toxic fumes.
All what needs to be done when they want a fire is plug the system in and make the choice between fire alone and fire with heat. That's it.

We had a nice morning together, enjoying the feel of autumn as a summerstrom raged outside the house and we sat there in front of a woodfire.

Life can be good.


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