Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He did it: a diploma!

Today we had a graduation.

My son was quite nervous even though he knew that school doesn't make something special of it.

We went by train, as the school is near the railwaystation and the busses are too expensive now.
He told us he had all the time of the world, so we should go ahead.
He's got a card to travel by bus, so he would be in time.

When we were waiting for the train he suddenly appeared.

Ofcourse we were too early, which wasn't a real problem.

Instead of coffee, there was nothing. At the time the ceremony should begin...it didn't.
A quarter past we were told to get coffee and a clice of cake. Which was delicious. The cake, I mean.
Another 10 minutes later there was finally some movement on stage and a woman told us she was the new teamleader, she read some prepared things (which she couldn't read well) and then a man shouted so hard in the microphone that people held their ears.

There was no ceremony.

Just people called on stage in pair, to sit down with their backs to the people, to sign 6 papers.

The timetable said we would be finished by 21.30 hours, we were by 20.00 hours. Probably due to the fact that nothing special was done, nothing nice was said to the individual students.

It was just a loss of time and energy to be there.

The graduates didn't feel festive at all.....

Our son started to feel happy about his diploma when he was at home.
I'm glad we made it a bit nice for him there.

Tomorrow he's going to apply for a job in the hospital.
they should be happy to have him.


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