Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair up-do

It sounds rather strange: "hair up-do".
Like a child wants to say something special is done with hair, but doesn't know the word.

I watched a video on the site of one of our national magazines.
A summerlook was created by a professional hairdresser.

She made a lovely look by didicing the hair in three parts: 2 at each side and one on top.
The top part was folded into a kind of fishbone and fixated at the end.
Both sides were turned and fixated at the back.

It looked very nice.

Then she said a playful look was needed and she pulled strands of hair out of the carefully made coiffure.
She used hairspray to keep those strands hanging out of line.

Then she proudly said that her job was done.

Well, we didn't see on the video how much was paid, but I guess it will be at least 25 euro, probably more.

I feel kind of strange about the way she handled the hair.
Why destroy a lovely look to make it "playful"?
When one walks around with a hairdo like that, the hair will eventually pop out and create a natural looking mess.

She only made it look like a bad hairdo after a terrible night full of nightmares.


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