Thursday, July 28, 2011


The prizes of fruit and some vegetables are extremely low.
Especially the bananas, cucumbers and just over the border all kinds of red berries are a joy for the wallet.

We've changed the rule in our family of: "one piece of fruit each day should be eaten and two different ones are allowed" into: "eat what you like."
It's great to see that all children enjoy eating fruit and make spontaneous healthy choices.
The past week no package of cookies was opened.

As long as the season lasts we're quite happy with it.

Some of the apples in our own garden came down during a heavy rainstorm this evening.
At sunset the sky turned into a strange grey-red colour and we commented on it.
Then suddenly lightning started quite nearby.
And then it started to rain very bad.
The whole street flooded and the waterload was so heavy and such a lot that the plastic roof in the back garden got a hole in it.
Pity we can't stuff it with a banana peel.

Sometimes bad weather makes our autistic son very afraid, but today we closed the curtains and we were enjoying a family discussion so very much that he didn't realise he always was afraid of this weather.

It has been very bad at the other side of town too. When our son the security guard came home after his shift, his first question was: "Did you have that terrible weather too?


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