Monday, July 18, 2011

Flexibel teens

Making plans with teens is an interesting, everlasting process, it seems.

Tomorrow the would sleep in, bake a cake and help preparing dinner....
That was the first plan.

Some versions later one girl would go shopping in the afternoon and the other would stay with their brother and make soup.

We finally settled on that idea, when a friend called and invited the girls over for a pyama party.
They agreed to have the party at another day, but then another friend said she would be on vacation so....

In the meantime one of the girls had promissed their brother to fetch something he needed in town...tomorrow.

But it was decided the pyama party would be tomorrow.
So their autistic brother, assuming they would leave early, was in all states because his sister had promissed...

So I sat them all down, told them no decision would be made until later that evening and asked them to respect a short time of silence so I could hear the Dalai Lama on a life broadcast on internet.
As they all respect the Dalai Lama they either sat down listening to me or went upstairs.

A few hours later things had organised everything by themselves.

Brother 2 was working in town and said he'd fetch the thing. (Don't ask me what it was... earphones or so.)
No shopping, so I would cook,
and the girls would go to their party...


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