Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally TV

Sitting in the car for so long as yesterday doesn't do me good, that's for sure.
My back was hurting so much today that I could hardly walk.
But we had a good time together nevertheless.

As the weather was still nice we got the laundry up and later dry and folded.
And to our surprise the TV connection was far better than in the past months, meaning the BBC was on air again.

The girls had special plans.
One of their friends (the daughter of one of my friends) could do with some company and they were all planning a pizza diner and a nice evening doing girl's things.
It was a special occassion as the girl's sister and her autistic brother were away.

Here the men enjoyed the evening with their favorite programs on TV, and I had the time to enjoy watching the people in the ISS (International Space Station).
It's a pity it's the last spaceflight of the shuttle.


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