Monday, July 18, 2011

Fed up with harvesting at GMail

I'm complately fed up with harvesting at GMail.
It's interfering with my feeling of privacy.

Last week I wrote a letter fo complaint to the Punblic Transport organisations regarding their new ticket system.
In fact it's an electronic card. Some councils offer it for 1 euro 50 to their inhabitants, and others have to pay 7.50. Just for the card. Then you have to travel (with an empty card.... which you can't...) to a loading point where you can put money on the card. Travelprizes have gone up considerably, and the thing also makes certain security points at shops bleep and they are even automatically checked in and out when you won't hold them up into the air. So at times you have to pay a lot extra. Getting your money back is a pain in the you-know-where, and the travelcard for those who accompany a handicapped person is gone. I guess no one of those desk thinkers ever thought about this.

Add to it that each person had to have his own card, so we can't travel together on a normal busscard but each one of us has to have his own card, and you can imagine the cost and the abolute lack of convenience of the card.
It even annoys me that checking in is so easy (and the busses and metra are so unclean) that I don't feel I get something for my hard earned money.

They had special days on which people could get a discount for the card. That means special hours at which normal people work or cook. At special places too.
Not somewhere to go with an autistic young man who can't stay long and who can't deal with masses.

So I wrote the organisation about that.

Today I got a mail back. I had to go to the local transporters.
No, I'm asking a national question!

So I was already irritated.
And then gmail got me their advertisement right in my face and I got so terrible mad about it.

When I read a mail I don't want advertisements about the subject in the sidebar.
In fact I never ever look at them, except today.

I thought it best to write them a mail about that, asking how I could switch that feature off.
Can you imagine direct contact is impossible?
Yes ofcourse!

Everywhere we have to log-in, visit forums and wait forever for a response.
No wonder they can tell us they won't get complaints. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

Google! Stop reading my mail before I have read it!!


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