Friday, July 8, 2011


Today we celebrated cookie-day.

It's a traditional event in our own family and I doubt if someone outside the family knows about it.

My grandmother started it for fun.
She took all her baking stuff out at the first free day after a schoolyear and we made cookies.
By tradition it's not important if there's another day at school for paties, getting the reportcard or whatever, as long as the lessons were over.

They are.
Tomorrow the girls will get their reportcards and then it's summervacation.

It feels special because one of the boys finished his education and applied for a job today. And another boy finished his education too and is already in the process of getting a job.

On top of it it's the birthday of the Dalai Lama.

The kids who were at home invaded the kitchen and told me to stay away.
From the corner of my eyes I saw a package for Harry Potter cookies. Meaning that the endresult would be chocolate chip cookies. Good.

The smell was delicious, the panick tremendous.
The lumps on the baking roster looked like fatty... uh...plops....
So I put them straightaway in the oven again and told in my mind my gram and my just died friend to use all their cookiespirit and make the cookies in what they should be: celebrations of freedom.

I didn't dare to look when the oven bleeped, but I did.
How glad I was to see a resemblance with what I used to bake.
So I took them out, put them on a roster and tried to tell my kids not to worry.
It took ages before the cookies settled and started to look like cookies.
But they got firm enough to lift them and they turned out delicious.

So delicious I didn't have one. LOL!


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