Saturday, July 9, 2011

An 8th resembling a 13th

What a day!

The girls finished their schoolyear with wonderful report cards.
I'm so proud of them and happy for them.

After school they went shopping with their friends and the boys asked me to go with them to go shopping in Germany. (We live near the border).

So one picked me up and we drove to the other to pick him up.
I felt slightly stupid as I wanted to see the launch of Atlantis and I would miss it due to bad planning.
Turned out my oldest had put the video on automatic recording, so I would see the whole thing "life" later.

Then we went on our way...
10 metres.
The car made a strange sound.
Turned out something was wrong with the brakes, so no way we would go somewhere.
My son got advice from the garage around the corner and brought the car there.

And I prepared to go home by train.
The oldest said he wanted to come home with me, so we both went, got some groceries on our way home and had a coffee on my own couch.

As the launch was not in time, my son had time to go home.
But...the trains didn't go for some reason.

Due to the stop in countdown just seconds before the start he was home by bus in time.

So we witnessed the launch.

After dinner the girls went to a party.
But not after some problems to leave, as the person who would fetch them came far too late.

Well, they had fun.

And the car?
Was fixed within minutes.


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