Monday, July 11, 2011

100 lions

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam.
We were invited to celebrate the anniversary of 100 years chinese people in The Netherlands together with the chinese people.

My oldest advised to go by car and use the transferium to park it.
I was amazed how large the transferium at the Arena is.
We got our free tickets for the metro and went straight to central station.
One whole day of parking for 8 euro and those to and fro tickets were included. Wow!

When we arrived at The Dam there were already people.
The heads of the lions were on the ground.

It took quite a long time before the official representatives of the chinese and dutch organisations sat down. later I heard they had speeches elsewhere already.
Pity for them they had to listen to a few more.
The public became bored, because the sound system didn't work properly. We couldn't hear anything and people started to talk and joke.

We were also quite bothered by some people in front of us, standing in such a way that no one could see a thing, and especially the children saw nothing at all.
we asked a security guard to ask these people to sit down, but he told us he wouldn't. he then took position straight in front of the children which caused some turmoil, but he didn't mind at all.
So I asked my son to take some photographs of him, maybe some collegues of my other son would recognise him. And I commented on his behaviour, so he knew there was someone who knows the ins and outs of his profession. He got a slightly redded face, but didn't move.

Then the chinese ambassador was about to give a speech and I suddenly called out loud that people who were not dealing with the lions had to sit down.
So those people sat down and the public applauded.

Then suddenly the security guard had gone and the kids had free sight on the lions.

It was great when the dance of the 100 lions finally began.
The symbolism of every move is not only interesting, but it's also a reflection of tradition and culture.

The fireworks were very well announced and people were told to keep their ears closed. We were lucky to stand at the right side, but the people at the other side should have been told to keep their nose closed. LOL!

Then the lions started to walk through town.

We couldn't follow them through the narrow streets because too many people were in the way.
My son went to make photographs from the upper levels of some shops, some of us wanted to eat something and I went with the girls to one of our favorite shops.
When we came back and joined the rest the girls ate a bit and I went with my son to a shop where I needed to buy something for someone and on our way we saw the hundred lions arrive at their destination. Me oh my, those young people were tired!
I respect them for their hard work. It seems easy to walk a lion, but it isn't. It's very tiring and with the very hot weather we got it was also very strenuous.

We didn't see the person who invited us to join, so we went to say hello to her son.
He gave the girls some hairitems. They were very happy with his gift.

It was also a nice moment to decide to go home after this beautiful day.


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