Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why didn't they take action?

The other day the BBC aired a program about Winterbourne View.
A home for people with special needs where they infiltrated to get a good view om what was happening there after a former teammember tried to get attention for severe abuse of the people there.

They trained someone to enable him to go in there as a caretaker with three small cameras

What they recorded was so severe that many people who saw it sat crying in their rooms, not only the parents, but other people as well.

The day after the people who abused were arrested.

In my mind I keep asking why they didn't report the abuse before it was aired, because it must have taken quite some time to put it all together to make it into a program.
The abuse was so severe that each day was hell for those people there, and they would have been spaired more sufferening.


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