Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where is he?

One of my friends can't be found in town.
He's a journalist, with his wife living with her dementing mother at the other side of the country.
We assume he's there.

But we worry.
He's got cancer and he never talks about it.
He refuses to have anyone care for him, and I feel thrown against the wall because of that.
We're not allowed to talk about it at all, and that makes me worry far more than I would otherwise.

His birthday is within a few days and we want to surprise him.
He doesn't like that, he says.
He does all he can to help my boys and I suspect he loves to use his paternal feelings not only for his own son, but also for mine.
As he's not the kind of person who likes a thank you every time, we saved them for his birthday.

I guess he knows or expects that.

Hopefully he'll surface after his birthday and he'll be OK.


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