Monday, June 20, 2011

Table tennis

The first time I saw table tennis was when I was young and went with someone to a school to fetch her child.
The small ball and padles were also easy to handle tor a child and the large kids were quite willing to teach me how to play.

Over the years a grew a bit ans was better able to stand at the table. But my interest in table tennis faded, until at high school. We had competitions and fun. A lot of fun.

Since then table tennis has evolved a lot.
Now you can have your own table tennis training centre at your own home.
It's a simple system which can be fixed to a table tennis table in no time, and it throws balls and catches the balls in a net.
You can train all by yourself, or together with others, and invent your own games.

Table tennis is known to be a good way of working out without feeling you're working out.

Why not give it a go?


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