Monday, June 27, 2011

The surprise box

One of the main shops in our country had a special celebration because of their 120th birthday.

One could send a card and explain on it why someone should win one of the 1000 surprise boxes.
Some of the kids did.
My autistic son wanted me to receive a box because I'm always very patient with him.

Yesterday we made a last shopping round very late, quite short before closing time.
We had a few packages of yoghurt and the offer was: 3 for the prize of 2.

Well, at the counter things were ready for the next week and we had to go to a special counter to get our money back.

There we had a talk with the girls there about wine in plastic glasses, sealed like a pot with peanutbutter. The security guy, a collegue of one of my sons, came to talk with us too, as he had to wait until closing time.
It was one of those precious moments of fun and relaxation and well worth remembering.

Then we prepared to leave. Wrapping things in plastic bags, as they needed to be protected against the drizzle.
We said our goodbyes, laughed about a joke and said our goodbyes again and went.

Then from a corner of my eye I saw my name.

Turned out I was one of the ten winners of the franchise.


Luckily there was no photographer around to make it more special.
I was happy enough with the attention of the girls and the few guys that were still there.

The box contained groceries, like laundrysoftener, kitchenpaper, alcohol-free beer, sweets, lemonade, and such.
More important was the fact that my son wished me to have one of those boxes and I actually won.


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