Monday, June 20, 2011

Special day

Father's day and mother's day are always special to us.

We wanted a large family, but the children were thrown on the earth by some nice bird, and they didn't grow in a cabbage either.
We were even told we were not able to get children.
Well, the professor who told us was quite annoyed we proved him wrong. LOL!

When I finally got pregnant, I was so happy. I still feel it when I remember. I stood in front of the lift in one of our university buildings and I could have jumped all the floors from joy.

When our second baby was born that very same happiness ran through my veins.
She was a girl and as we already had a boy I felt like we had it all.
It was so amazing to receive something so beautiful and special.

And on the second day she died.
All what was done to save her... nothing helped.

It hurts me when I see people deal with babies like they're moving dolls, because they're so precious and so delicate.

The babies that were born after that experience where treated by the doctors with respect and care. We got heart- and lung monitors to prevent death, as they suspected a cause but science was not far enough to actually know it.

All babies can be monitored at the appropriate level.
All you need is a wireless baby monitor.
You can hear the baby when it cries and sensitive ones even transmit the breathing sounds.

There's no medical reason to monitor every baby, but when a baby has caught a cold, for instance, it's good to hear it's sounds, so you can have a look when it's coughing too much, for instance.

Nowadays they're small, wireless and can even be clipped to your belt, so there's no reason why your daily activities will be interrupted.
tehre are even monitors with LCD displays which display the temperature in your child's room and play lullabies.

Isn't that sweet?


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