Friday, June 24, 2011


A while ago I was in Amsterdam and for the first time in my life a person in the open air asked me if I felt bothered by him smoking a cigarette.
As the wind was kind to me, I didn't mind him smoking.

We had a good talk and he told me that even he, as a smoker, often felt bothered by people smoking. For instance when he was waiting for the train.
I share his experience.
People are often not aware what it means to others when they smoke. The smell is terrible, but they themselves don't smell it anymore.
Because of asthma I'm bothered even more, as sometimes my whole day is spoiled because of the smoke of others. My breathing is inhibited. Try breathing through a straw all day and you can imagine just a bit of what it means.

Last week I saw someone with an e cigarette.
It's an electric device that looks just like a cigarette. One can even adjust the flavor of it.
But it has no nasty consequences for the people around it.
Seems good for those who need a cigarette in their hands to feel comfortable.


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