Friday, June 10, 2011


Every 5 years I receive an overview of my pension.
It's to keep people up to date about what they get on top of their basic income when they're 65 or older.

I always plan to inquire about the income I had when teaching at university, but I bet they have nothing in their administration, otherwise they would have found it by now. And it will be almost impossible to get all the data on the table and add it to the few euro's I'll get.
I assume they hused another pensionorganisation and I'll be informed when I get 65.

I won't be rich. The pension is far below 100 euro, because I've never been able to work long, due to the kids.

So I have to find a place where I can grow my own vegetables and fruit when I'm old.
I'd better start saving for an elevated garden (as my hips ache almost all the time now) and seeds.
Let's bet my green will grow faster than my pension.


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