Thursday, June 30, 2011

Online again

Yesterday I had to switch off the computer because of terrible weather.

Lightning struck three times in town and that was quite enough for me.

We're living in an area where certain kinds of bad weather get caught between a river and a canal and it bounces between them until it dies down or rises above a certain height where the winds can push it forward.
When the bad weather gets cought in that corner it's nasty.

The weatherservice issued an alarm and told people to stay in.

Well, people were supposed to go home from work and reach home.

The kids managed to be at home in time, but their dad had to travel by train.
He had a dinner at his work and went there. Partly because the traffic was down due to some silly issue at the rails. When that was settled he got the first train south.
He went straight through the bad weather which was moving north and then got stuck in a town one hour driving from here.

All traintraffic was put to a halt in the south, and there was no indication at what time it would be resumed. First fallen trees had to be taken from the rails.

I don't believe in coincidence.
The car was supposed to be repaired today, but for some reason it was done yesterday. So when he was called to fetch his dad, we thought he would ask the car of a friend, but he came with ours.

It was past midnight when they were home with lots of stories about the damage they had seen.

In our own garden some apples came off the trees, the roses are damaged and some other plants. The rest took their chance to drink and grow. That way the bad weather was off use to some living beings.


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