Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My son and his waterboiler

My son lives in an appartment and last week his boiler stopped working.
As one of his friends is an electrician he asked him to have a look.
He couldn't find anything.

As the repairman of the appartment complex was on holiday my son came here to shower.
I don't mind people falling back to old mamma's home, but there's a difference between falling back and using the shower and falling back in old behaviour.
He cleans up in his own home, so he can clean up behind himself.
Strangely enough it suddenly became acceptable to wash himself in cold water, LOL!
He must have outgrown my supervision. Haha!

When the repairman was back from holiday he had a look.
He didn't even know the brand of waterboiler, which is strange, as the owner places them all.
He called in someone else....same problem.

My son became kind of annoyed and said he would call in an expert at their cost, as he needed warm water and he paid for it.
So they were all together and called the expert.

He came.
Said he'd never seen that brand and was curious were it came from.
he had a look.
Took out a part and said he would be back within the hour.
fter 45 minutes he was back and said the card was broken and another one was needed and he had it with him.
He installed it and.... hot water!!

Clever guy!


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