Thursday, June 23, 2011

Magnetic strip

When shopping I was waiting at the counter to pay. There was quite a long line, and it was growing, because a customer who had paid for everything went through the gate and the alarm went off.
She went back and went again...again alarm.

She went back to the counter to have the magnetic strip deactivated again.

Through the gate...alarm.

Time after time, untill I said she;d better get her product out of tha package and leave the package in the shop and see if there's a magnetic strip on the bottle aftersun she bought.
She did so and she left.

The woman before me turned to me and said: "I hate this, all those controls, and it doesn't even work properly."

So we had a talk about the way we live now. With lots of rules and regulations, cameras and phones that enable evil minds to listen in to our family life even when they're turned off.
She said she felt unhappy in her own country because of the feeling that she's not trusted anymore.

I share her feelings.


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