Friday, July 1, 2011

Just one hour to go

One of my sons has almost finished his studies.
In fact he will reach the end of his education tomorrow after one hour of fitness.

I'm so happy for him.

He's dyslectic and it took two years to convince the basic school that he was not lazy, nor stupid.
By that time he found out compensation mechanisms for himself. He would find a quiet space in the house and read what he was supposed to read at school during the next week.

That system failed when he went to secondary school and got homework.
Teachers didn't understand his wish to have a quiet time to work, and told me he was lazy.
He was tested again and again the dyslexia came out clearly.
The opinion of that school changed immediately and he got assistance and in the meantime we had meetings to see what was best, as they didn't want him to lose his dedication and persistence.
The result was that he went to a school with smaller groups.
He just surfed through it and got his diploma with relative ease.

Then he went to his next school. He got no support at all and at the place for practical education he was used. They didn't even give him the time to sit down and write what he needed to write down.
The school proposed us to find another place for practical work. Due to the recession one of their best students couldn't find a place and so they kicked him out, instead of assisting him.

I suggested he might try to become a security guard.

He worked hard and did the studies in the shortest time possible.
That's quite an accomplishment.

Just one hour tomorrow and he's done it.



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