Thursday, June 16, 2011

French village

The school of the girls wants to do want other schools do so the section French organised a french village, so they said.

The school of the boys made quite a happening from their village. The pupils all got a theme to present, like cheese tasting, planning a vacation to a french camping, or something like that.
The got a complete room to dress up, and recipes to bake or cook.

So walking through the village gave a real feel of france.

The school of the girls just delegated a few things. They got a table. That was it.
So there wss no real feel of a village.
Even worse, they forgot to tell one of the groups to prepare a table.

My daughter and her friends didn't know what thet were supposed to do.
Spontaneous speaking french!

She studied long and hard on the texts in her book and was one big package of nerves.

Well, she did very well.

But a village?
She didn't see it anywhere.


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