Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First tropical day of the year

Today was the first tropical day of the year.
Quite a surprise as the day before we were wearing cardigans.

In the morning I woke up because helicopter flew so low over the house that my ears almost popped. It was kind of scary.
We are used to the ambulance helicopter flying over. But it flies a lot higher.
This was like they were looking for someone....

Well, all the windows were open, it was rather cool inside and it was pleasant to hear the birds enjoy the beginning of the day.

A few hours later warm air came in and we closed all windows and doors.

It's almost midnight now, after a tropical day with high humidity.
People are still sitting in the garden.

There;s no need to open a window, as the warmth outside is like hot woolen blanket.
It's awful!

I just opened the door to go outside and fetch the last laundry, but it was still not dry.
The air was almost unbearably hot.

Tomorrow bad weather is expected after even higher temperatures.
We'll see.


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