Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day 2011

We decided to have a quiet father's day.
The girls have testweek next week, the money can't be missed for unnecessary things, so we stayed at home and had a good time together there.

From our last trip to Germany I had three layers of cake in a package and we made it into a large cake with whipped cream, blackberry filling and some more ingredients that taste well.
We were so eager to eat it that we forgot to make photos.
It was delicious!

For dinner we had chinese take-away.
It was a disappointment.
When getting it they had to wait a long time as it was crowded.
Well, they used the same amount of vegetables they use on a normal sunday on father's day and just "diluted it" with rice.
So there was a lot of white on the plates.

We could have made rice at home, we didn't want to buy that.

Well, we had a good time anyway, while the rain poured down and the winds played around the house. It was like autumn.


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