Saturday, June 25, 2011

End of testweek

The testweek is over.
It was a huge relief for the girls as they had the flu a couple of weeks ago and missed out of some knowledge.

The girls worked very hard to overcome that, I think they took it far more serious than some teachers took their job serious. Those were the teachers that didn't bother to explain something again or who didn't take their duties as serious as they should. Like the people who were supposed to organise special treatment for those with dyslexia. They completely forgot to arrange a special examinationroom...

We've worked very hard here the past weeks to explain things, review things and create papers that took far too much attention and time.

Some schools lack proper coordination and this school is one of them.

Strangely enough they still have some tests next week, but the testweek is over.

Don't hold it against me when you don't understand.


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