Friday, June 3, 2011

Dry, dry, dry

Nature is so dry that fires get a firm grip as soon as they start.
I've always hated the fact that I moved from where I grew up. Not because I wasn't able to be happy here, but because I loved to walk out the door, grasp my bicycle and be at the woods within 2 minutes. The tall trees were a kind of home for my soul.

Here there's nothing of that kind.
There are open areas with grass....which now looks brown... and there's an artificial lake with a small area around it, where they took almost all the bushes and trees from last year and put lanterns around.
It used to be a nice place to look at the stars, but the lanterns stopped that.

Now nature is dry.
The lack of rain for such a long time even influenced the river near our town. It's meters lower than usual and they're talking of adjusting the ships, because they nearly touch the bottom.
I can't skip watering the plants in the garden, because they won't make it at all.

It's like living in a different country.


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