Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Continuing Story: a first time for everything

There's a first time for everything.

The new psychiatrist messed up a few times, but he reviewed his behaviour and by that he gained the trust of my son.

Today he had to go to his psychiatrist again, and like always I had to go with him.
But I expected an important call and told him he had to keep that in mind. I also said that I was worried I wouldn't hear well enough what was said when we would be on the bus.
He offered to go alone.


He is at an age that competition between males is an issue. His brother has been postponing something he doesn't like to do and I feel that my autistic son wants to show he dares to do something he doesn't like.

Knowing how quickly my son changes his mind, I had my clothes ready to put them on within a minute.
But he went without his usual problems like not finding his belt and such.

I was super-amazed!

Then I ran upstairs to clean his room with the phone quite near.

The phonecall I expected never came.

When my son came home he was happy he had gone all by himself.
Very short he told what had happened and then he went about his daily business.

I'm glad we took him on the bus and told him how it worked when he was very young, so he knows what to do.

A step towards independence. Good!


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