Friday, June 17, 2011

BBQ and artificial flowers

A family tradition is to attend the BBQ at the university.
My uncle did, I did.
In fact I was the first woman in the family to attend.

And now the tradition is taken over by one of my sons, who did his practical work for his studies at the hospital and university and was invited to the BBQ.
First he didn't want to go, because he had to go alone, but I urged him to have a look. He could always leave straightaway.

So he went, and had a good time.
The chairman of the board wished him good luck with his exams, and my son was thrilled. (He didn't know I know this nice guy already for a long time)

The food was good, he told me. And he was impressed that many people came in their working clothes.
He still needs to get familiar with some special features of hospital working life. LOL!

For me he brought a string of artificial flowers. isn't that nice?


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