Thursday, June 16, 2011

Accident lawyer

Today I heard such a lot of noise from outside that I got curious and opened the door to hear what was the matter.
I heard ambulances and policecars. Quite a lot.

A few minutes later the ambulance helicopter flew over, so somewhere was quite a serious accident.

Ofcourse I got in contact with friends who lived near where I heard the noise from and they could tell me there had been an accident caused by a large truck, hitting a small car.
They also could tell me the driver of the small car probably suffered only minor injuries, so he's supposed to be very lucky. I know however that a whiplash and some other injuries might not be detected on the spot, so the condition of the driver should be monitored.

It's a pity we don't have special lawyers here who are able to stand up against the lawyers of the large trucking companies.

A friend lives in New York and she told me about the work of her friend, an accident lawyer.
He has a thorough knowledge of all sorts of accident cases and he's not afraid to confront the large insurance companies with all sorts of claims to deal not only with the direct costs, but also the loss of income and long term medical treatment.

The lawyers here can learn a lot from him and his collegues.


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