Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish: a new stove

One of my dreams is to have an electric fireplace in the livingroom with the appropriate electric fireplace inserts.

In fact I would love to have a Duraflame DFS-450BLK Freestanding Electric Stove.
It looks old fashioned, but it's very modern (again).
because it's not embedded in the wall it can be placed everywhere, even outside on a chilly summer's evening.

It remembers me of the farm where I used to come. In the evening we would sit around the woodstove in the large kitchen, the watercan boiling, and sometimes we would roast marshmellows on top of the stove.

The children were small, both ours and those of our friends, and we did a lot together.

On the farm there was enough to do for the boys. Ranging from watching the piglets and giving the other animals their food, to helping on the land.

We felt tremendously rich. Waking up in the attick and seeing the fields against the blue sky (or the grey world with floods of rain), eating fresh products and walking around.

I guess I've attached some of that good time to that small stove which is afforable to a small purse.
I first have to buy a new kitchenkabinet though, so I can store my stuff there and unclutter the house a bit.


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