Saturday, May 7, 2011

A special international anti-diet day

You won't belief it, but it's international anti-diet day.

As most people know we shouldn't be overweight.
But that knowledge is the easiest part of it all.

Men grow their bellies, and women gain wait creating offspring.
It's said the past generations lost that extra body when working on the fields, but the easy way we gain the wait suggests something different.
Maybe people didn't become old enough to carry that extra weight around.

Most people have tried a diet or even more of them.
They lost weight, but almost none was able to keep it off.

Instead they gained even more weight than they lost when they resumed normal eating habits.

So the anti-diet day has been created.

We should eat healthy food.

Well, I do.
But it doesn't make a real difference.

I've got my kids and my extra weight.
People look at me like I eat every day french fries with lots of mayonaise.

I don't.

I was 55 kg when I got diabetes and since I got medication for that my weight has increased steadily while my intake has stayed the same.

I've tried diets. Thanks to people who told me they would really really help. Those were nice young dieticians, straight from college or middle aged ones with lots of exerience.
They were all blessed with a slim line.

I just keep cooking without as little fat as possible, using healthy greens and a lot more that should create a slim line. Most of my kids are top of health and slim. Just like I was in the past.
I just hope they haven't inherited my "later you will be fat anyway" genes.


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