Sunday, May 29, 2011

A special day for the girls

As sisters of autism the girls have access to a special organisation that organises a few times a year events to pamper them.
The motivation behind it all is that dealing with a brother or sister with special needs is not always fun. Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you have to think about what you say, etc etc.

Days like these are just for the siblings.
They get lots of attention, they can enjoy themselves the way they want, they get something special to eat and drink, and they are away from everything.
All is set for positive experiences.

The girls already went to a make-over day, a survival event, a play event.
Today the theme was theatre, but as lots of children don't care for making a play, there were lots of toys and equipment for other fun available.

There were over 200 children of age 2 to 16 today. They were all in small age-groups.
Today the girls were together in a group with other kids who also loved to make theatre, and so they did. They made some athletic statue after the logo of the organisation.
They also painted, and organised a stand with olympic games for the other kids.

When it was time to go they all sang a song they learned today, gave flowers to the volunteers and got a medal themselves and a small bag of very expensive chips.

Both girls were very relaxed, happy and tired.

They've had a great day and at least one of them will apply to become volunteer when they're not able to go as a member anymore.
The whole organisation runs on donations and volunteers, so when you want to donate, please contact me and I'll bring you in contact with them.


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