Friday, May 20, 2011


I grew up bathing once a week in a bathtub.

We already had a seperate bathroom in the new house, where we moved in when I was 4 and something that was supposed to wash your feet in, I think.
It was a lot of marble, with a large place to sit and a deep place for your feet.
My mom could do the laundry in there, and I could use it as a bath when I was small.

It took a lot of years before the houseowner installed a shower above it, but the whole thing was unconfortable as one needed steps to go in there.

My gram had to give up a storage room to have a shower installed.
I loved her shower as it was as covenient as the showers in school and at the pool.
The shower at home was almost never used, as I used to go to swimtraining in the early morning, before school.

All what's left from that time is my habit to shower efficiently and fast.
Within 5 minutes I'm showerd, hairwash included.
I only enjoy a longer shower when I have to get rid of muscle ache.

Unlike the kids.

So when one goes upstairs I have an unconscious look at the clock and you'll understand what happens when I think there has gone enough water over the body.


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