Monday, May 9, 2011

Sales Jobs

After a few wonderful days, which were a bit too tropical for us, the grey clouds are drifting above us, a murmour sounds through them and a few drops of rain are already falling down.

I've put the delicate new plants at a safe place, some hidden under large branches with lots of new leaves of the old trees, and the dry laundry is in and the rest at a protected place too.

Time to shift the focus of attention.

The past week we've been speaking about sales jobs overseas and the appropriate education.

One of the boys was training to become a shop owner, but the receccion forced him to make other choices. He did well enough, however, not to look out for jobs in shops and with the summer vacation as a good opportunity to work he asked me to be on the look out for something he would be able to do.

A friend works as a representative of baby food and maybe she's able to help him to what he does best: creating the feelings of needing something very much.
He would be a good collegue for her.

But I first have to talk with her or her boss about the best education for the job.


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