Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sad news about Ronald Naar

This morning we got the news that Ronald Naar died when descending the Cho Oyu in Tibet.

He didn't slip, fall or anything like that.

He just collapsed and when his sherpa, Kaji, who was slightly ahead, reached him, he was already dead.
He dead just before the descend of the icewall.

Due to bad weather and a very thick layer of snow they didn't attempt to go to the top.
Ronald didn't feel well at camp 3, where the wind was blowing with great force, so it was decided he and his sherpa would go down to camp 2.
They rested there and on their way down to camp 1 Ronald died.

The three sherpas of the expedition have now brought his body to camp 1.
The yaks that will carry Ronald and equipment to the chinese basecamp have arrived already.
His body will be brough to Kathmandu and from there to his last resting place.

Ronald was a great inspirator for many.
He knew what he wanted and he was not always trying to be kind to get things http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifdone the way he wanted them done. But those who worked with him learned to value his straightforwardness and his humor.

Before Ronald went to the Cho Oyu he had a thorough health check.
He planned this expedition to be his last large one, but none imagined that nature would take over and make the decision for him.
He died at a place where he was himself and where he was happy.

My heart goes out to his wife and children and to his climbing-companions.

The official condolance register can be found ::here::.


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