Friday, May 13, 2011


Today we had the second of the presentations about the exchange.

The first one was rather annoying as the kids of that group weren't able to keep silent. And on top of that they were rather unprepared. They just got a few photos and the accompanying texts were: "and then...." and "and then....".
Our daughter had taken a lot of effort to look up things, make nice collages and write down a lot. She presented her part very well, and I think it was a well considered idea of the teacher to make her do it alone and put her straight in the middle of it all. It was interesting that even the oudest kids kept silent when she was talking.
She got the highest mark and it was well deserved.

Our second daughter had to do the presentation as part of her final exam.
They had to team up and she was lucky to have her friend as a teammate, even though their schedules didn't match.
Ofcourse that group was as loud as the other one, but when the presentations were given it was silent.
They were well prepared and it was fun to hear the spontaneous accounts of what happened in Spain.

Our daughter and her friend had to tell us about food and they made nice snacks to accompany their presentation.
That came in handy, because the last team had trouble with the computer to open the visual part of their presentation. So the girls came to the rescue and made another round with the plates. Breaking the stress.

We had such a good evening!


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