Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pos systems

It's always interesting to have friends in all corners of society. One can symply learn a lot by asking questions about what's unknown.

Take for instance: POS systems.

A friend went through the whole process of rebuilding his restaurant.
Not only was the old place demolished and a new one built, but he also went for a complete new look and refurnishment.

He came by with photos and new cards, pens and other gifts to make his name known again. He also told a lot about all the new items and services in his restaurant, including new pos systems.

There he had me. I didn't know anything about that.
So I asked.

After more than an hour I think I understand what goes on in a restaurant behind the desk.
I never thought that it would be a great idea to put a barcode on the menu.
But it is.

Simply scan it when customers order their dinner and drinks and a whole cycle of services is set in motion.
The stores are adjusted, the kitchen is served with ingredients and from one piece of butter in the pan the costs are calculated.

There's no need to close the shop for a day to make an inventory of everything present. He can see it at his computer when he wants and when he needs to order things the orders are printed automatically.

Now I understand why he said he had more time for his children and wife.


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