Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our internet and TV are crap. Thanks UPC!

Hi Hans! ;)

Our internet is complete crap. It's speed is changing, and at times there's absolutely nothing.

Our TV is as bad after UPC did their bit of maintenance.
OK, we have the national programs, and some foreign ones.
But we lack all RTL, TMF, others, and what's worst: BBC.

BBC is most watched here at home. Not only because some series are absolute fabvorites and we're not able to see them online, due to the i-player, which can't be used here.
But also because the BBC is good.
I can say that the children learned a lot. The language ofcourse, but also about customs, history and how the UK looks.
We enjoy programs about the nature of the UK to bits.
And the BBC made history an interesting subject by having people live like they were living in the past, thus giving the phantasy of the children a boost, and by giving facts to cling to.

But now it's a mess.

So I started contacting UPC for support, and all I got was the whole protocol they use: cables, how many metres away from the contactpoint the TV is supposed to be, etc etc.

They did maintenance, we did nothing. We didn't move anything, nothing.

Trying to find something on internet was worthwhile. Me oh my! Even in 2008 people had the same complaints after maintenance, and the protocols were exactly the same.
On email I landed to the point that they forced a technician on us.
I said that it was their problem, so no thank you.

Hubby went to their office and started to believe the whole cable toodoo. He came home telling me he would put new cables on the TV and the technician would come.

After a good talk from woman to man (no he isn't blonde) he agreed with me.
No technician.

So we phoned the company.
The guy we got jumped on the protocol and didn't even listen.
He was plain rude when I wanted to say something.
All in all I got the idea calling the helpdesk is just enabling them to keep you on the line so the coins come in roling... smoothly.
Well, in the end I got something to say.
I told him : no technician. Cancell the appointment.

The next day I opened my mail and found.... a mail from someone telling me they couldn't send a technician as they couldn't call me.
At the same moment the doorbell rang and a nice guy told me he was the technician...

He checked the whole net outside the house (the whole net? Wow!) and nothing was wrong there.
So it must be us.

No way it's us, we didn't change anything and there was nothing in the paper we should.

When I turned on the TV that evening we had still disturbances on RTL 4 and BBC1 and 2, but overall it was a bit better than before.
And we had the rest of the RTL's and BBC 3 and 4. The last two we were not supposed to receive the technician said, but I verified it: we pay for it.

All we need now is about 4 or 6 programs fixed.

Maybe we need to post a technician on the doormat for half an hour and the issue will be fixed.

Now let's wait for the bill. I won't pay for the technician....

Oh yea, and let's wait for another provider to come to our area. I don't mind switching.


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